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Delivery problems due to carrier :

In case of anomalies concerning the delivery (damage,missing product compared to the delivery order,damaged parcel,broken product),we must imperatively be given upon receipt.Incase of damage,the customer will be parallel to the carrier no later than the first business day following the date of delivery.

1.Delivery errors

consumer must make to us on the day of delivery or at thelatest the next working day delivery,any claim of error ofdelivery and/or non-conformity of goods in kind or in quality compared as specified on the order.Any claim made after this time will be rejected.The formulation of this claim with us could be made:

- Via the website "contact us"

2.Delivery time

Delivery times may vary depending on product and location of the client.

- When items are in stock in our company at the time of confirmation of your purchase,delivery time is approximately 10 to 15 working days (except in cases of force majeure, transport strikes .. .).

- However,some products may require waiting times longer depending on the timing (Valentine's Day,Mother's Day,Christmas holidays ...),the time may vary from 15 days to 30 days working.

Time conditions for return:

To make a return, please contact our customer service within3 days of receiving the item (s), in writing via email toour Customer Service punk-rave.After 3 days, we no longer take items back.Please note thatonly goods their original label in the original packaging,unworn and in good condition, will be accepted for return.

Return shipping costs are entirely your responsibility and will be reimbursed in the case where the error come from us.The repayment of this sum will be equal to the fee that was paid for sending to your address.

In case it turns out that the product does not match the original declaration made by the consumer in the right of return,no refund will be started.
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