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List of material test reports

Model No. Simple Name Item Code Report Donwload
055395 Rose flocking gauze OPT-752TCF Download
069429 Tie dyed woven fabric OGQ-125BQF Download
055396 40Polyurethane gauze flocking bat OPY-656DPF, OPQ-1221LQF Download
012162 Inner diameter 2.5cm, thickness 0.4cm, circular ring OPT-749BXF Download
007041 2cm skull rivet OPS-253JTF Download
019019 1cm white gold rivet leather shoulder strap (46cm) OPS-254QTF Download
007002 flat rivet OPS-256DQF
014318 Inner diameter 3cm roller zigzag buckle OPQ-1209BQF
004078 Hexagonal eyelet OPQ-1209BQF
069395 Inelastic denim WK-494XCM/BK
069394 Tie dyed printing texture inelastic woven fabric WQ-561BQM/BK
0561540 Inelastic denim WY-1361MJM/BK
056024 32 thread cotton polyurethane fibre K-205 LQ-001 OPK-197PCF PK-197PC Q-210 S-158M S-182 S-182M  T-178 T-187 T-294 T-407 T-421 T-422 T-424 T-432FBK T-432FBR T-438 T-463 T-480FBK T-480FBK-RD T-485 WLT-012TCF WQ-368U  WQ-377LQF WQ-405LQF WQ-455LQF WT-492TCF WT-495TCF WT-515BXM WT-518TCF WT-523TCF WT-535WYM WT-538TCF WT-553TDF WT-558BXM WT-562WYM WT-565MJM WT-567TCF WT-569TCF WT-586BXF WT-587TCF WT-590TCF WT-593BXF WT-596TDF WT-619TCM WT-715BXM/BK       WY-1065XCF Download
069298 Twill knitted fabric WK-500XCM/BK
056045 Double layer black  perforated cloth WT-716BXM/BK-RD
K-099          OK-344BJDM
OK-344XCF      WT-625DQF
WT-541BXF      WK-421DQF
066335 Ragged composite knitting WT-711TCM/BK
T1892#Elastic printing twill
WK-504NCM/BK Download
Micro elastic denim
K-239     WK-331XCF WK-477XCM
Shiny black burnt knitted composite fabric
A034Inelastic fine twill
Y-530 WY-997XCMBK-CO WY-999XCM
WK-387XCM WY-1179XCM WY-1179XCM
WY-1026XCM OY-879XCM WY-872CDM Y-744
Y-741 Y-762MBK Y-762MGR WY-861CDM Y-634
Chiffon hemp cashew flower fabric
 Suede ironing rubberized fabric
JZ-003FZ JZ-003ZT K-096 S-172 T-424 WK-477XCM WM-052TMM    WS-429KZ WS-456YYF WS-461KZ WS-475LHM WY-1293XDM WY-1301ECF WY-1302XCF WY-1341XCM WY-1342CCM Y-330MBK Y-349FBK Y-349FRD Y-349MBK Y-349MRD Y-368M Y-530 Y-632MBK Download
Ink mark crack fabric
DQ-514BQF DS-447YDF K-238 WK-373XDF WK-394PDF WK-427XDF    WQ-392BQF WQ-396LQF WQ-455LQF WQ-470LQF WS-275MZM WS-296YDF WS-319YDM WS-324SSF WS-370KZM WT-607TCM WT-624TCF WT-642TCM WT-647DQF WT-647TCF WY-1018MJM WY-1079DPM WY-1138DPF       WY-1198ECF WY-1208LCF WY-1255MJM WY-918MJF WY-934LCM       WY-984LCF WY-990MJM Y-792 Download
1cm round PUNKRAVE  bronze nail
DQ-514BQF DS-447YDF K-238 WK-373XDF
WK-394PDF WK-427XDF  WQ-392BQF WQ-396LQF WQ-455LQF WQ-470LQF WS-275MZM WS-296YDF WS-319YDM WS-324SSF WS-370KZM WT-607TCM WT-624TCF WT-642TCM WT-647DQF WT-647TCF WY-1018MJM WY-1079DPM WY-1138DPF 
WY-1198ECF WY-1208LCF WY-1255MJM
WY-990MJM  Y-792
0.7x1.3 Pagoda pointed cone screw
K-215 M-020 OPQ-661BQF OT-547BXF PS-089
S-104F S-114 S-114FBK S-182 S-182DQM
S-182M S-214 S-221 S-222 T-482 WK-350XDF
WS-268QTF WS-273YDF WS-278SSF WS-287SSF WS-300KZF   WS-300KZM WS-303MZM WS-357MZF  WT-553TDF  WY-968DPF  Y-365F
Y-366FBK  Y-366MBK  Y-679FGR
3cm high Spiked rivet
M-020 WS-271MZM WS-276QTM Y-667      Y-667DQF Y-679FGR Download
1x1.4CM high spiked rivet
S-222 T-422 WLS-063LHF WQ-400BQF      WS-370KZM WS-377KZM WS-378KZM WY-1272MJM Y-667DQF Download
PUNKRAVE 1CM Round bottom nail
K-127 K-134 K-154 K-166 K-170 K-174 K-179 K-239 K-295MBK K-297 K-297MBK K-304 OPK-146XDF    OPK-151NDF OPK-210NDF OPK-219NCF OPQ-302BQF OPQ-397LQF PK-028 PK-146 PK-147FBK PK-147FWH PK-151 PK-210ND PQ-031 PQ-197 WK-380XDF      WK-384XCM WK-434XCM WY-1072MJM WY-1124XDF Y-530 Y-659 Y-771 Y-788 Download
15mm Engraved snap button
OPK-248NCF OPQ-248LQF OPQ-433BQF OPQ-433DQF OPQ-657BQF  OPQ-661BQF OPQ-665BQF PQ-119FWH PQ-248 PT-138 PY-020      Q-337FBK Q-337FCO S-216 S-218 WK-355XCF WK-371XCF WK-372XCF WK-462DQF WK-462NCF WQ-345LQF WQ-400BQF WQ-416LQF WQ-424LQF WQ-478LQF WS252SSM WS-275MZM WS-305YDF WS-432KZ WT-493TDF WT-542BXF WT-542DQF WT-690TCF WY-1122SYF WY-1138DPF      WY-828MJF WY-832CDF WY-896XCF WY-981XCF Y-349FBK Y-349FRD Y-349MBK Y-349MRD Y-365F Y-422M Y-486 Y-745 Y-787 Y-789MBK Y-791 Y-791M Y-812 Download
2.5cmPUNKRAVE Engraved round corner buckle
DQ-515BQF K-215 PT-138 Q-276 S-143 S-171 S-172 S-204FCO T-456 T-462MBK T-462MCO WK-355XCF WK-374DDF WK-383XCM WK-402XCF    WK-485XCF WK-486XCF WQ-425LQF WQ-454BQF WQ-457DQF WQ-457LQF  WQ-546LQF WQ-547LQF WS-289QTF WS-467DQF WS-467JTF WS-471SSM  WT-503BXF WT-538TCF WT-595DQF WT-595TCF WT-627TCF WY-1024MJF WY-1037MJF WY-1085XCM WY-1148LDF WY-954CDF Y-349FBK Y-349FRD  Y-349MBK Y-349MRD Y-632MBK Y-665 Y-744 Y-756 Download
0.9mm engraved flat rivet
K-028 K-097 K-239 OPT-333BXF S-182 S-182M S-186 S-238MBK S-238MCO T-432FBK T-432FBR WK-371XCF WK-372XCF WK-394PDF WK-417XCM  WK-495XCF WLQ-095BQF WLS-063LHF WQ-361LQF WQ-411LQF WQ-440LQF WQ-449LQF WQ-482LQF  WQ-504BQF WS-326BBF WS-326DQF WS-338SSF  WS-338SSM WS-462DQF WS-462JTF WT515BXM   WT-538TCF WT-566TDM WT-591DDF WT-593BXF  WT-597BXF WT-618BXM WT-620BXM WY-1061XCF WY-1107MJM WY-1134MJF WY-1313DQF WY-1313XDF Y-637 Y-646 Y-754 Y-789MBK Download
Skull PUNKRAVE shank button
K-127 K-134 K-154 K-166 K-170 K-174 K-179 K-215 K-223 K-224 K-239 K-295 K-295MBK K-297 K-297MBK K-301 K-304 OK-310XCF  OK-344XCF OPK-278NDF OPK-281NDF OPK-284NCF OPK-292NDF     OPK-454XDF OPQ-551BQF T-469 WK315XCM WK317XCM WK-319NCF WK319NCM WK323XCM WK-327XCF WK-331XCF WK-335XCM WK-337XCM  WK-338XCM WK-339XCM Wk-343XCF WK-345XCF WK-346XCF WK-349XCF WK-350XDF WK-355XCF WK-357XCM WK-364XCM WK-365XCM WK-368XCM WK-369XCM WK-371XCF WK-372XCF WK-382XCM WK-384XCM WK-386XCM WK-388XCM WK-392XCF WK-398XCF WK-417XCM WK-423XCF WK-427XDF WK-433PCM WK-434XCM WK-435XCM WK-444XDF WK-447XCM WK-450XCM WK-451XCM WK-452XCM WK-462DQF WK-462NCF WK-466NCF WK-467NCF WK-468NCF WK-469XCM WK-472DQM WK-472NCM WK-473NCF WK-477XCM WK-478XCM WK-479XCM WK-482XDF WK-486XCF WK-487NDF WK-489XCF WK-495XCF WQ-522BQF WQ-548BQF WS-296YDF WY-909ECM Y-812 Download
2.5cm flat D-shape button
DK-454DQF DK-454XCF K-028 OPK-161DDF OPK-221NDF OPK-247NCF OPK-278NDF OPK-321NCF OPQ-239BQF OPQ-466LQF OPQ-482BQF OPQ-608BQF OPQ-787LQF OPQ-883BQF OPQ-891BQF OPT-317WYF OPT-554WYF OPY-228 OPY-228MBK OPY-260XCF OPY-489XCF     OQ-366LQF OT-528TCF OT-547BXF PK-133  PQ-184  PQ-218    PQ-239  PY-228   Q-276 S-161 S-214 T-221FBK-RD T-422 T-460 T-468 WK-373XDF WK-400XDF WK-401XCF WK-402XCF WK-452XCM WQ-361LQF WQ-365LQF WQ-408LQF WQ-425LQF WQ-540LQF WS254KZM WS-270KZM WS-271MZM WS-289QTF WS-418YDF WS-462DQF       WS-462JTF WT510TCM   WT-518TCF WT-538TCF WT-593BXF      WT-647DQF WT-647TCF WY-1017XDM   WY-1024MJF WY-1037MJF  WY-1120CDF WY-1124XDF WY-1131CDF WY-1131DQF   WY-1157MJM WY-1338DQM Y-306F Y-306M Y-720FBK-ST Y-746 Download
1cm wide Semicircular rivet
K-253 OK-344XCF S-161 S-198 S-205 T-466MBK   T-466MCO WK-384XCM WK-434XCM WM-052TMM      WQ-480BQF WS-310YDF WT-558BXM WY-1023XCM    WY-1047LDF WY-1109SYM WY-1204XCF WY-1292CDM WY-905PDF WY-966XDF Y-659 Y-665 Y-679FGR Y-811 Y-812 Download
0.7x1cm Pagoda spiked rivet
WK-495XCF  WLS-059KZ  WS-497MZM Download
DK-454DQF  DK-454XCF  DQ-515BQF  DQ-526LQF  DQ-530BQF  DS-447YDF  DT-665TCF  DT-668TCF  JG-001ZH  K-174  K-223  K-242  K-248  K-252  K-253  K-269   K-272  K-274  K-279  K-279  K-285  K-289  K-292  K-295MBK  K-296  K-304  OK-329XCF   OQ-359LQF  OQ-380BQF  OT516TCM  OT-526TCM  Q-301  Q-315  Q-319MBK      Q-319MCO  Q-325MBK  Q-325MRD  Q-329  Q-330FBK  Q-330FBK-CO  Q-333  Q-341  S-158  S-158  S-158M  S-158M  S-161  S-163  S-171  S-171  S-183  S-186  S-186  S-198  S-200   S-205  S-205MBK  S-207MBK  S-207MCO  S-209  S-216  S-217FBK  S-217MBK  S-217MBK  S-219  S-219  S-221  S-221  S-222  S-236  S-238MBK  S-238MCO  T-178  T-386  T-386  T-424  T-425  T-437  T-444FBK       T-444FOW  T-456  T-461  T-463  T-472  T-473  T-474  T-476FBK  T-476FBK-CO  T-478  T-483  T-484  T-485  T-487  WK-311XDF  WK315XCM  WK-327XCF  WK-338XCM  Wk-343XCF  Wk-343XCF         WK-345XCF  WK-346XCF   WK-348XCF  WK-348XCF  WK-349XCF  WK-350XDF  WK-358XCM  WK-364XCM  WK-365XCM  WK-367XCM  WK-368XCM  WK-371XCF  WK-372XCF  WK-388XCM  WK-394PDF  WK-398XCF       WK-401XCF  WK-406XCM        WK-421DDF  WK-421DQF  WK-426XCF  WK-426XCF  WK-433PCM  WK-434XCM  WK-462DQF  WK-462NCF  WK-466NCF  WK-468NCF  WK-469XCM  WK-469XCM  WK-477XCM  WK-482XDF  WK-485XCF  WK-486XCF       WK-487NDF  WK-497XCM  WK-500XCM  WK-501NDM  WK-503XCM  WK-504NCM  WM-044TMM  WQ-348LQF  WQ355BQM  WQ-357BQF  WQ-361LQF  WQ-370BQF  WQ-371BQM  WQ-374LQF    WQ-377LQF  WQ-399BQM  WQ-404BQF  WQ-405LQF  WQ-408LQF  WQ-408LQF  WQ-411LQF  WQ-423LQF  WQ-424LQF  WQ-424LQF  WQ-436BQM  WQ-437BQM  WQ-442BQF  WQ-442DQF  WQ-448LQF  WQ-449LQF  WQ-449LQF  WQ-455LQF       WQ-460BQM  WQ-467BQM  WQ-478LQF  WQ-480BQF  WQ-493BQF  WQ-494DQF  WQ-494ZCF  WQ-495LQF  WQ-501LQF  WQ-504BQF  WQ-522BQF  WQ-524BQF  WQ-533LQF  WQ-534LQF  WQ-540LQF  WQ-547LQF         WQ-560LQF  WQ-561BQM  WS256SSM  WS-271MZM  WS-281QTF  WS-289QTF  WS-304YDF  WS-304YDM  WS-305YDF  WS-326BBF  WS-326DQF  WS-350SSF  WS-350SSM  WS-375KZM  WS-383SSF  WS-394YDF         WS-398JTF  WS-418YDF  WS-423SSM  WS-425YDF  WS-471SSM  WS-490SSF  WS-490SSF  WT-501BXF  WT-507BXF  WT508TDM  WT512WYM  WT517TDM  WT-518TCF  WT-523TCF  WT-527TCM  WT-537TCF  WT-539TDF  WT-542BXF  WT-542DQF  WT-565MJM  WT-566TDM  WT-566TDM  WT-574TCF  WT-580WYM  WT-581TCM  WT-583TCM  WT-592TCF  WT-593BXF  WT-595DQF  WT-595TCF  WT-603TDF  WT-605DQF  WT-605TDF        WT-606BXM  WT-616TDM  WT-620BXM  WT-628TCF  WT-642TCM  WT-644BXF  WT-647DQF  WT-647TCF  WT-677TCF  WT-686TCM  WT-688TCM  WT-705BXM  WT-708TCM  WT-710TCF  WT-710TCF  WT-711TCM        WY-1002MJM  WY-1006CDM  WY-1018MJM  WY-1019LCM  WY-1023XCM  WY-1023XCM  WY-1026XCM  WY-1027XCM  WY-1033MJF  WY-1037MJF  WY-1037MJF  WY-1047LDF  WY-1068XCF  WY-1073XCM  WY-1085XCM    WY-1086WYM    WY-1093MJM  WY-1095XDM  WY-1104CCM  WY-1106DPM  WY-1109SYM  WY-1122SYF  WY-1123CCF  WY-1123CCF  WY-1133DQF  WY-1133XDF  WY-1134MJF  WY-1134MJF  WY-1138DPF  WY-1147CCF  WY-1148LDF   WY-1149ZCF  WY-1157MJM  WY-1168CCM  WY-1168CCM  WY-1168CCM  WY-1189XCM  WY-1190DQM  WY-1190MJM  WY-1198ECF  WY-1202MJF  WY-1207MJF  WY-1213LCF  WY-1218MCF  WY-1222EDF  WY-1228XCM   WY-1234MJM  WY-1242MJM  WY-1254MJM  WY-1255MJM  WY-1257MJM  WY-1257MJM  WY-1266CCM  WY-1266CCM  WY-1266CCM  WY-1269LDM  WY-1271ZCF  WY-1272MJM  WY-1292CDM  WY-1293XDM  WY-1301ECF   WY-1302XCF  WY-1302XCF  WY-1313DQF  WY-1313XDF  WY-1318MJM  WY-1318MJM  WY-1323XCM  WY-1338DQM  WY-1339MJM  WY-1340XCM  WY-1341XCM  WY-1341XCM  WY-1343SYF  WY-1361MJM  WY-1370XCM   WY-1371XCM  WY-1373MJM  WY-1374ZCM  WY-1377MJM  WY-1382WYM  WY-828MJF  WY848CCM  WY848CCM  WY-854XCF  WY854XCM  WY854XCM  WY857LDM  WY861CDM  WY862MJM  WY862MJM  WY870XDM  WY873CCM  WY873CCM  WY876ZCM  WY882MJM  WY-884SYF  WY-885DPF  WY-887XCF  WY-892ECF  WY-896XCF  WY-909ECM  WY-910MJM  WY-921ZDM  WY-929MJM  WY-929MJM  WY-931SYM  WY-933XCM  WY-939CCM  WY-945MJM  WY-951MJM  WY-952XDF  WY-957XCF  WY-961XDF  WY-961XDF  WY-966XDF  WY-967MJF  WY-968DPF  WY-968DPF  WY-974XCF  WY-990MJM  WY-993LCM  WY-993LCM  WY-994MJM  WY-999XCM         Y-349FBK  Y-349FRD  Y-349MBK  Y-349MRD  Y-364  Y-364M  Y-366FBK  Y-366MBK  Y-366MBK  Y-368  Y-486  Y-487  Y-487  Y-530  Y-600  Y-600  Y-634  Y-637  Y-637  Y-638  Y-638  Y-646         Y-679FGR  Y-680MBK  Y-685  Y-686  Y-711  Y-718  Y-718  Y-719    Y-721  Y-738  Y-740  Y-741  Y-742MBK-ST  Y-742MRD-ST  Y-743MBK-ST  Y-743MRD-ST  Y-747  Y-751FBK  Y-751MBK  Y-756  Y-757MBK  Y-757MCO  Y-758  Y-766FBK  Y-766FBK  Y-766MBK  Y-767FBK  Y-773  Y-775FBK  Y-775FCO  Y-776FBK  Y-776FRD  Y-777FBK  Y-777MBK  Y-778FBK  Y-778FCO  Y-778U  Y-778U  Y-780FBK     Y-780MBK  Y-783FBK  Y-783FCO  Y-792  Y-792  Y-792  Y-800  Y-801  Y-807MBK  Y-807MCO  Y-810  Y-811  Y-813MGR  Y-813MRD  Y-813MRD  Y-813MVI  Y-814  Y-815  Y-816 Download
Octagonal skull shaking buckle

WK-434XCM WQ-506BQF WY-1225CCM WY-1272MJM WY-1292CDM WY-1338DQM
WY-1342CCM WY-1355CDF WY-1358XDF WY-1362CCM WY-1368XCM WY-1369MJM
WY-1370XCM WY-1375XDM WY-1376CDM WY-1379XCM
066256 silkete elastic dense velvet DQ-509LQF DQ-511LQF DQ-530BQF DQ-542LQF WQ-486BQF WQ-513LQF
WQ-516LQF WQ-523LQF WQ-539LQF WS-425YDF WY-1220CCF 
007188 0.7CM same round rivets on front and back side WQ-561BQM WS-497KZM WY-1384CCM Download
007071 0.9CM round spiked rivet OPK-149PCF PQ-218 Q-270 S-158 S-158M T-470MBK T-470MBL WS-497KZM WY-1371XCM WY-667XDM Y-667 Y-667DQF Download
004001 3#Eyelet DQ-510LQF  K-013  K-028  K-083  K-096  K-127  K-136M  K-136MBK  K-136MBK  K-170  K-215      K-221FRD  K-221FRD  K-221FYE  K-221FYE  K-253  M-020  OPK-146XDF  OPK-247NCF  OPK-268NCF  OPK-281NDF  OPK-284NCF  OPQ-200  OPQ-239BQF  OPQ-250LQF  OPQ-320LQF  OPQ-391LQF  OPQ-417BQF  OPQ-425BQF  OPQ-426BQF  OPQ-429LQF  OPQ-439BQF  OPQ-448LQF  OPQ-451LQF  OPQ-456LQF         OPQ-465BQF  OPQ-466LQF  OPQ-467BQF  OPQ-467DQF  OPQ-471BQF  OPQ-484LQF  OPQ-499BQF        OPQ-502LQF         OPQ-518DQF  OPQ-537BQF  OPQ-547BQF  OPQ-555BQF  OPQ-578LQF                 OPQ-612BQF  OPQ-612DQF  OPQ-632LQF  OPQ-642BQF  OPQ-725LQF  OPQ-748LQF  OPQ-787LQF         OPQ-848DQF  OPQ-848LQF  OPQ-856BQF  OPQ-887LQF  OPQ-893LQF  OPQ-947BQF  OPS-148JTF        OPS-240YDF  OPT-169DDF  OPT-330 TCF  OPT-334TCF  OPT-405TCF  OPT-414TCF  OPT-452TCF        OPY-317ZDF  OPY-388XCF  OPY-389XCF         OQ-395LQF  OT-500TCF  OT-506TDF  OT-548TDF  PK-146  PK-146  PQ-237  PQ-237  PQ-239  PQ-239  PQ-250  PT-138  PT-138  PT-157FBK  PT-157FBK       PT-157FBK-RD  PT-157FBK-RD  PT-169FBK  PY-416DQ  PY-416MD  PY-437DQ  PY-437MD  PY-448MC      Q-013  Q-114  Q-129  Q-174  Q-202  Q-220  Q-220      Q-270  Q-313  Q-336  S-104F  S-114      S-114FBK  S-143  S-143  S-155  S-158  S-158M  S-163   S-163  S-172  S-182  S-182DQM         S-182M  S-201  S-201  S-201  S-201  S-204FCO  T-187  T-216  T-221FBK-RD  T-386  T-386  T-407  T-407FBK  T-421  T-434FBK  T-434FGR  T-438  T-438F        T-462MBK  T-462MCO  T-486         WK-338XCM  WK-349XCF  WK-355XCF  WK-374DDF  WK-383XCM  WK-391XCF  WK-413XCM  WK-427XDF      WK-435XCM  WK-467NCF  WK-473NCF  WK-489XCF  WK-490DDF  WQ-351BQF      WQ-378LQF  WQ-379BQF  WQ-390LQF  WQ-390LQF  WQ-415LQF  WQ-438LQF  WQ-440LQF  WQ-440LQF      WQ-441BQF  WQ-441BQF  WQ-454BQF  WQ-470LQF  WQ-479LQF  WQ-480BQF  WQ-481LQF  WQ-481LQF      WQ-481LQF  WQ-482LQF  WQ-482LQF  WQ-505LQF  WQ-506BQF  WQ-537BQF  WQ-539LQF  WQ-544LQF      WQ-548BQF  WQ-553LQF  WQ-563BQF  WQ-563BQF  WQ-563BQF  WS-241LHF  WS-293KZF  WS-305YDF      WS-306YDF  WS-306YDM  WS-310YDF  WS-314SSM  WS-324SSF  WS-324SSF  WS-338DQF  WS-338SSF     WS-338SSM  WS-370KZM  WS-376KZM  WS-381KZM  WS-395JTF  WS-396JTF  WS-429KZ  WS-441KZ        WS-441KZ  WS-460KZ    WS-467DQF  WS-467JTF  WS-479SSF  WS-482BDF  WS-497KZM  WT-491TCF     WT-494TCF  WT-518TCF  WT-519TCF  WT-538TCF  WT-538TCF  WT-543TCF  WT-584TCF  WT-596TDF      WT-619TCM  WT-624TCF  WT-624TCF  WT-692TCF  WT-698DQF  WT-698DQF  WT-698DQF  WT-698DQF     WT-698TCF  WT-698TCF  WT-699DQF  WT-699TCF  WT-701TCF  WT-701TCF  WT-701TCF  WT-707BXF     WT-707BXF  WT-708TCM  WY-1068XCF  WY-1085XCM  WY-1104CCM  WY-1138DPF  WY-1144LDF  WY-1156DQM  WY-1156MJM          WY-1187MJM  WY-1191MJM  WY-1199SYF  WY-1203DPF  WY-1210CCF  WY-1221ECF         WY-1222EDF  WY-1276CDF  WY-1368XCM  WY-821CDF  WY-823CCF  WY-823CCF  WY-899LCF  WY-968DPF  WY-981XCF     Y-306F  Y-306M  Y-349FBK  Y-349FRD  Y-349FRD  Y-349MBK  Y-349MRD  Y-349MRD  Y-365F  Y-365F  Y-366FBK  Y-366MBK  Y-366MBK  Y-389  Y-550  Y-596  Y-632MBK  Y-659  Y-659  Y-659  Y-665     Y-665  Y-689  Y-697  Y-749 Download
059129 112sf#4cm copper chain OPT-753TCF OGM-008TMF Download
001767 Internal diameter 1.9cm sock clip OPS-258SSF Download
055402 Hexagonal black and white gauze OPT-773TCF Download
055403 Rhombus black and white  gauze OPT-772TCF Download
055406 Perspective lattice printing gauze OQ-002DQF, OT-001DQF, OQ-004DQF, 
OK-001XCF, OK-001DQF, OQ-021LQF
007191 G0466#fround surface 0.8cm  width x 0.2cm thickness rivet 0Q-002LQF, OQ-002DQF, OQ-003LQF, OQ-005BQF, 
OT-001DDF, OT-001DQF, OK-001XCF, OK-001DQF, 
OQ-003LQF, OS-007LHF, OS-007DQF, OS-004KZF, 
OS-004DQF, OY-002XDF, OGQ-126BQF
069455 803#Woven black-red printing WLQ-099LQF, WK-462NCF Download
069464 S758#Micro elastic rose fabric WQ-600LQF, OPQ-1293LQF, OPQ-1304BQF Download
065052 9238-Faux fur plush fabric WY-1423DPF Download
065051 Fine faux wool knitted base fabric WY-1413EDF, WY-1414ECF Download
066438 Black red gradient dyed elastic velvet WQ-599LQF, WQ-529BQF, WY-1426DPF Download
0561124 Rose wrinkle composite fabric WT-520TCF, WT-520U, DQ-511LQF, DY-1404LCF Download
069442 1309#Twill elastic rubberized fabric OY-002XDF, DQ-591BQF, DQ-578BQF, DY-1387XDF, 
066440 Elastic mesh stripe fabric WT-739TCF Download
066439 Dual color pit knitted fabric WS-513JTF, WT-735TCM Download
055419 01-53#Elastic skull gauze WT-727TCF, WK-521DDF Download
055420 CX1305#Elastic Python pattern gauze WK-521DDF, WT-727TCF Download
065042 16006#Faux woolens WY-1337ECM, WY-1389XCF, WY-1398XCF Download
066427 2163#Black and red jacquard tie-dyed cloth WY-1392XCF Download
066004 Refined cotton double hoodies fabric OPY-213, Y-817, PY-247, WY-865ZDM, OY-869ZDM,     
OPT-204WYF, OY-901ZCF, PY-163, WY-911ZCM,
WY-964ZCF, WK-364XCM, OPQ-473LQF, OPY-328WYF,
OPY-335XDF, OPT-317WYF, OPQ-483LQF, OPT-317WYF,   
WY-1228XCM, OPT-544DQF, WY-1313XDF, WY-1323XCM,  WS-471SSM, WY-1346XDM, WY-1313DQF, WS-462DQF, 
WS-462JTF, WT-684TCM, WLT-016TCF
069437 Micro elastic plain weave corduroy WQ-587BQF, WY-1390CCF, OPQ-1323LQF Download
020171 Spray painting WGK-001XCF red, WGK-001XCF green, OQ-014LQF Download
066406 Korean velvet Q-167, T-300FBK-RD, T-300FBK-VI, WT-536TCM, Y-629,
007200 2# Small angle spike  silvery 25mm WS-527QTM Download
066447 L10-6 Elastic black gray ragged tie-dyed fabric WT-743TCM, WY-1393XCF Download
066452 2736# Elastic  ragged tie-dyed fabric WT-749TCM, WT-767BXF, WK-537DDF, WY-1393XCF Download
069481 8658# Creased chiffon WY-1446CCM, WY-1455CCF, PY-691DQ, WY-1455CCF Download
055424 Bright 3x3 elastic wheat-ear calendering mesh WS-522WJ, WT-741TCM, WY-1448MJM,
WT-754TCF, WQ-627LQF
058298 A509# micro -elastic black suedette WS-519PCM Download
053843 0.5cm Black and white fine pleated lace WS-502LHF Download
001819 2.2CM Black Diamond splicing hand sewn button DS-508LHF  
007207 3CM skull rivet WS-532YDF Download
007057 1.8cm skull rivet WQ362BQM, WK319NCM, WQ362BQM, Y-530
WY-910MJM, WQ-560LQF, WT-712BXF, WT-712BXF
WY-1362DQM, WY-1362CCM, WT-712BXF, WT-712BXF
WK-540XCF, WY-1466MJF, WS-546BB, WS-552BD
007205 0.9CM artificial diamond rivet WQ-613LQF, WS-541LHF Download
066462 Top quality odel
1x1 rib
WT-745TCF, WT-745DQF, WT-746TCF, WT-754TCF
WT-771TCF, WT-759DQF, WT-761TCF, WT-768BXF
WT-765BXF, WY-1475XDF, WY-1476XCF, WT-746TCF
WQ-625LQF, WQ-607LQF, WQ-605LQF, WQ-611LQF
WQ-607LQF, WT-759DQF
069539 Constellation branded cotton cloth WY-1458DPF, WS-534WJF Download
055451 Non-elastic flocking jacquard gauze WT-775TDF, WQ-629BQF, WQ-613LQF Download
001894 1.2cm solid small bow button GPT-086TC Download
051413 2cm eyelets with stapled webbing PK-506DD Download
055456 Flocking burned flower on mesh WY-1468CCM Download
0561489 Irregular sequin crepe woven fabric WLT-014TDF, WQ-447LQF, WY-1154CCM, 
WY-1246CCM, WY-1484CCM
066518 Stretch knitted fabric WT-793TCM, WT-787TDM, WT-798BXM Download
066515 Leopard stretch ripped knitted fabric WT-786BXM Download
055462 stretch tie-dyed fine gauze WT-802TDM Download
0561057 Ice crystal pattern jacquard fabric WY851MJM, WY-1145LDF, 
WK-560XCM, WY-1469MJM
066526 Stretch Tiansi cotton WY-1480MJM Download
066516 Light wave print stretch knitted fabric WT-781BXMWT-560DQM Download
056801 7x7 twill WY-1517MJM, WK-557NCM, 
WY-1473MJM, WY-1474MJM
069585 Non-stretch skull jacquard WY-1505MJM Download
069645 Customized elastic printed woven fabric WLQ-001LQF Download
069644 Inelastic glossy organza rose pattern material WLQ-001LQF, WLY-104XCF, WY-1563CCF Download
056980 Embossing velvet Y-813MVI, Y-813MGR, Y-813MRD,
WK-333XCM, DS-564YDF, WY-1513XCF
068258 Armor Finger Bracelet WS-575SSF Download
007217 0.9x0.7CM spike   Download
055496 7942# elastic golden flocked mesh WY-1558CCM Download
066558 Elastic patterned knit fabric WY-1541CCM, WT-827TCM Download
058329 In-elastic  glossy textured faux leather WY-1543MJMWY-1564PDM Download
020258 Faux Leather Ghost Claw WS-595SS Download
059160 Outer diameter 0.4 chain WS-584LHF Download
066565 Burnt knitted fabric OPT-890TDF Download
003091 Double D-shaped buckle OPT-883TCF Download
058327 Starry Dream Shiny Patent Leather OPQ-032DQF Download
001142 Skull button OPM-255KMFOPY-752CCF, OPY-761CCF Download
001157 Patterned mushroom button PT-853TC Download
069698 010# micro-elastic cashew flower pressing woven fabric WK-622XCF Download
066129 Drawnwork knit wave (thin) WK-596XCF Download
059168 7cm  balls and spikes iron chain WS-621LHF Download
007223 1.3CM diamond shaped rivet WS-625LH Download
001968 5.7CM engraved buckle WK-605DDF Download
0561046 927 #
Non-elastic rubberized till fabric
WS-245YDF WS-245YDF WS-277YDM OK-344XCF WS-293KZF OT-547BXF WY-952XDF WY-964ZCF WY-968DPF WY-1002MJM WY-1068XCF WY-1065XCF WK-345XCF WQ-427BQF WY-1068XCF WQ-427BQF WK-345XCF OK-344XCF WS-293KZF WS-277YDM WY-1002MJM WY-1065XCF WY-952XDF WY-964ZCF WY-968DPF WQ-437BQM WY-1106DPM WY-1072MJM WQ-436BQM WY-1111XCM WY-1107MJM WM-053TMM WY-1072MJM WY-1085XCM OPY-342PDF OPQ-476BQF OPQ-447DQF OPQ-447BQF OPQ-447BQF OPY-387XCF OPQ-463BQF Y-654 WS-326DQF WY-1146XCF WQ-448LQF OPK-247NCF OPQ-478LQF OPK-247NCF WY-1185MJM WT-606BXM WY-1146XCM WY-1155XDM WY-1157MJM OPQ-555BQF OK-344BJDM K-179 Y-550 WY-1245XDM WY-1251XCM WY-1269LDM WY-1251XCM WY-1269LDM WK-434XCM Y-349MRD Y-349MBK Y-349FRD Y-349FBK S-171 OPY-456XDF OPQ-657BQF OPQ-665BQF OPQ-673LQF OPQ-661BQF OPQ-674LQF OPQ-661BQF OPQ-691LQF OPQ-722LQF OPQ-867DQF OPQ-848LQF OPQ-848DQF OPQ-840BQF Y-667DQF WY-1271ZCF WLQ-097LQF WY-1293XDM WY-1292CDM WK-452XCM OPT-548BXF OPT-553WYF RT-001WY PY-020 OPQ-1018LQ OPQ-807LQF DQ-515BQF OPT-613BXF OPQ-1018LQF WY-1313XDF WY-1314MDF OPQ-856BQF WT-683TCM WT-683DQM WY-1340XCM WY-1332XCM WY-1313DQF WS-462DQF WS-462JTF WQ-522BQF WK-468NCF WK-478XCM WY-1337ECM OPQ-1139LQF WQ-543BQF WY-1358XDF WY-1358DQF WQ-553LQF WK-496NCM WK-496DQM WY-667XDM WY-1370XCM OPS-260WJF OPY-654MJF OPS-260WJF WY-1397ZDF WY-1397ZDF Y-636 Y-349FBK WLQ-084LQF PY-714XC PY-708XC WY-1397ZDF WY-952DQF OQ-380DQF OPQ-1321LQF OPT-832TCF OPT-809TCF OPK-500DDF OPQ-1311LQF WT-772TCM WY-1462MJM WY-1503XCM OQ-380DQF WS-538DQM WS-538SSM WY-1520XCF WK-581NCF WS-556YDF WT-851TCM OPY-708XCF OPY-714XCF Q-225MBK-BN Q-225MBK WK-616XDF WK-612NDF WK-603XCF WY-1581XCF WQ-687BQF WK-606XCF WS-630YDF WQ-716BQF WY-1578DPF Download
069710 1889-195 #
Non-elastic micro shinning rubberized woven fabric
WY-1625MJM Download
066183 Irregular elastic knitted towel fabric WT-535WYM, WT-534TCM, WQ-643LQF, WY-1086DQM
WY-1613CCM, WT-887BXM, WY-1600DPM
056721 Micro elastic twill denim fabric K-239 OK-312XDF WS-245YDF OK-310XCF WK315XCM WK-331XCF WK-338XCM WQ-372BQM WQ-392BQF WK-350XDF WK-477XCM WK-468NCF WK-503XCM WK-505NCF WK-523XCF WK-531NCM WK-533NCM WK-388XCM K-239 OQ-676BQF WK-627NCM Download
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